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Unlock the Secret to Selling Your Flipped Furniture for Top Dollar!

Transform Your Furniture Flipping Hobby into a Profitable Venture with my Expert 2-Step Process

Discover the key to profitable furniture flipping in our Sell Your Flipped Furniture Faster Workshop. Learn simple, powerful marketing techniques to attract buyers who value and pay well for your work. Turn your craft into a thriving business with our expert guidance!

Mastering the Art of Furniture Flipping - Use My 2 Part Flippin' Sales System to your Advantage

Skip the learning curve, move 10X faster and save thousands!

Sound Familiar?

"Lost in the Crowd of Online Marketplaces?"

Learn how to make your furniture stand out in the vast sea of online listings so that it gets seen & sold.

"Frustrated with Slow or No Sales?"

Unlock the secrets to faster sales and consistent success in the competitive world of furniture flipping.

"Struggling to Sell on Marketplace?"

Master effective techniques to boost your sales success on widely-used selling platforms.

I have good news for you.

If you want to achieve four-figure months in your furniture flipping side business, you need a 2 part sales system and a process that works.

 "omg, where do i sign up?" 

then keep on reading!

Let me show you how to leverage my marketing strategies to attract customers and quickly sell your flipped furniture!

FACT: My 2-Part Sales System can help you finally sell your stunning pieces and attract the right buyers... without spending months on marketplace!

(It's kinda like having a magical touch for selling your flippin' furniture! )

That's why I'm offering you a power packed live



Embrace a new era in furniture flipping with my tailored marketing strategies. Say hello to fast sales and escalating profits, freeing you up to focus on your passion for crafting stunning furniture.

With my specialized 2-Part Sales System, specifically designed for your local market, watch your pieces sell swiftly, eliminating the frustration of long waits on marketplaces.

This system isn't just an improvement; it's a complete transformation of your selling process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every sale.

How would your business be different if you could:

  • Attract the Right Buyers instead of low ball offers on the garage sale platform known as marketplace

  • Have Customers Who LOVE YOUR WORK and WANT to BUY ... instead of struggling to find the right market for your flipped furniture.

  • Have a Process That Works Efficiently so you can produce more pieces and increase your sales.

  • Start enjoying your furniture flipping business and take back your personal life ... instead of being overwhelmed with time-consuming marketplace methods.


You really want to make your furniture flipping business thrive, and you know you have a knack for creating beautiful pieces... but the sales aren't as frequent as you'd like, and the profits aren't consistent.

Maybe you're putting in extra hours, trying different restoration methods, and wondering when your furniture will start attracting more buyers.

Or perhaps your pieces get some attention, but you've hit a plateau in sales and can't seem to find that breakthrough strategy.

You don’t have any more time or money to waste on trying to piece together random tips and techniques that you've picked up from various sources, which might not even be effective



where I will provide you with all the resources and guidance you need to transform your furniture flipping business and map out your most profitable flipping strategy... all in just one afternoon!

We've doubled our sales and sold pieces faster than ever before!!

Are you ready for your profitable furniture flipping business?

This workshop will work for anyone interested in furniture flipping...

Hobbyists, Side Hustlers, Full-time Flippers

DIY Enthusiasts & Restoration Lovers

Anyone Wanting to Make Extra Income

Step into the role of a furniture flipper who not only creates beautiful pieces but also excels in getting them into the hands of eager buyers.

Learn the secrets of showcasing your furniture in a way that attracts attention and drives sales, consistently leading you to those impressive monthly earnings.

I'll guide you through the process of presenting your work to the right audience, ensuring you not only make but also sell your creations successfully. Achieve control and clarity in your journey towards lucrative furniture flipping.

  • A straightforward flipping strategy that consistently works and brings in sales every time... over and over.

  • ​The ability to create beautiful, in-demand furniture pieces and serve a growing market... without the constant worry about when your next piece will sell.

What's Included in the Sell Your Flipped Furniture Faster Workshop:

1. Local Price Evaluator Setup

: Learn to use a Local Price Evaluator Spreadsheet. This tool assists in setting competitive prices for your pieces based on local market trends, ensuring profitability.

2. Facebook Business Page Creation

: A step-by-step guide to quickly setting up a Facebook Business Page. This section focuses on building an online presence that resonates with potential buyers, including creating a compelling business bio and maintaining an active, engaging page.

3. Optimizing Facebook for Sales

: Detailed strategies on making your Facebook Business Page a powerful sales tool. Topics include creating visually appealing banners, using call-to-action buttons effectively, crafting an engaging intro, and strategies for building a follower base and content backdating for a robust online presence.

Why Should You Trust Me?

  • I don't just teach furniture flipping; I am an expert in social media marketing and I'm constantly staying ahead of the social media trends so I'm not stuck on a dying platform. This is the EXACT strategy that I use in my business and has helped many others succeed.

  • I'm not just a furniture flipper, but also an expert in quick and effective restoration methods. I am excellent at simplifying and making the process efficient.

  •  I have helped numerous individuals transform their side businesses with my furniture flipping strategies. I help them build out their entire

  • ​I'm Living Proof. I started furniture flipping out of necessity and turned it into a successful business. I'm living proof that it's absolutely possible to generate revenue and enjoy the process of flipping furniture. And I want you to have that type of success too!

Hiya, I'm Georgia!

I started quick fixing dressers 6 years ago when I was homebound with a chronic illness.. I was in a bad relationship with no money.

I needed a way out FAST I developed a strategy to quick fix my dressers with speed and simplicity (which means no sanding and no painting)
... AND Flipped my way to Freedom!

My specialty is showing you the exact steps to my 3 Step Process so that you can have 4 Figure Flippin' Months!...resources that create freedom and opportunity for ourselves and our families!

I help people get the tools and skillsets needed to build out their professional side business with 4 figure months.

If you are ready to become a creative, hands-on entrepreneur and flip your way to freedom so you don’t have to go back to work, then join me for my live workshop.

Transform your Furniture Flipping Business Today!

You’re READY for this workshop if you are….

→ Currently flipping furniture or interested in starting

→ Ready to learn efficient and effective flipping sales strategies

→ Excited about transforming your side business

Without a Doubt Willing to show up and do what it takes.

The workshop is NOT for you if...

You are not willing to implement and take action in order to get results.

You are looking for overnight success without putting in the effort.

Lock in this great price while you still can. It won’t last!

What’s standing in the way of you finally transforming your furniture flipping business?

I know that furniture flipping may seem intimidating, but you'll learn all the tools to be successful!

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Disclaimer - This event will give you actionable steps to growing your online Flipping furniture business. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved.

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